Now United is a new pop concept for a new generation – a group with a purpose – to inspire, excite and unite fans around the world.

Created by Simon Fuller, the creator of the Idol and So You Think You Can Dance TV franchises and inspiration behind Spice Girls, Now United is an inclusive, innovative & interactive celebration of the spirit & energy of music and dance.

Comprised of a unique music team of 14 talented new singers and dancers from 14 different countries (Japan, Korea, Philippines, Russia, UK, Senegal, Germany, Canada, Brazil, USA, Mexico, China, India and Finland) , Now United is the first group to offer open access to their music and lives in real time, creating an immersive, fun and ever changing experience.

The group came together in September 2017 and since then have been touring the world meeting “Uniters” in each of the 14 countries.

With a unique energy, positive values, the influence of some of the world’s top songwriters and choreographers and millions of fans across the world, Now United are here now.