Crazy Stupid Silly Love

Las Vegas, NV

Now United - Crazy Stupid Silly Love (Official Music Video)

Now United presents: Crazy Stupid Silly Love Filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada Special thanks to Kyle Hangami, Ryan Parma, Velocity Dance Convention and Tommy Hilfiger!

We recently went to Las Vegas, Nevada to perform at the Velocity Dance Convention! While we were there, we shot a music video for our newest single, Crazy Stupid Silly Love with the help of 500 talented dancers from Velocity! It was so fun to work with dancers of all ages. Check out below for some behind the scenes images.

Photo Aug 05, 12 59 06 PM
Photo May 31, 7 24 03 PM
Photo Jul 08, 7 04 18 PM
Photo Jul 08, 7 03 31 PM

We're CRAZY, STUPID, SILLY & IN LOVE with this Music Video! - S2E26 - The Now United Show

Get an exclusive behind the scenes look at filming the Crazy Stupid Silly Love music video!! The video was shot in Las Vegas, Nevada and includes 500 incredibly talented dancers from Velocity Dance Convention. We had SO much fun creating this video together with our amazing director and choreographer, Kyle Hanagami!